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meet lucy

Meet Lucy

Concerned about the future of women, we bring understanding and perspective to issues affecting untold numbers of women of LUCY’s demographic—specifically, ageism, gender bias, and racism.

Uniting our voices, our talents, and our tenacity, we, the creators of LUCY, inspire women everywhere to view arrival into the 50+ years as the perfect time to push back against these insidious forces and let creativity and achievement soar!

LUCY is about championing women of all races and cultures so they may realize their dreams as they move from invisible to invincible.   We offer a supportive space where women can interact and freely discuss age, gender and racial dynamics as they chart the next chapters of their lives.  

The LUCY platform will provide a wealth of incredible resources—a library, experts, workshops, videos, and podcasts.  And don’t miss our live interactive discussions led by a renowned journalist — a leading voice in international affairs.  Get advice and inspiration about the workplace, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, gender equality, and much more.

The goal:  helping women achieve their dreams at any age and on their terms.  Please join us on our journey!


Who is Lucy?

In 1974, archaeologists working in Ethiopia were listening to the Beatles song…

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” when they came upon the skeleton of a 3-million-year-old female, the first known species to walk upright on two legs. Aptly enough, they named her “Lucy”.

We’ve branded our ground-breaking online community “LUCY” in honor of this “first lady” and to unabashedly salute the power of women everywhere, especially those over 50 who have experienced age, gender and racial bias.

Uniting our voices, our talent, and our boundless tenacity, we want to inspire women everywhere to stand together and triumph over these archaic yet still deeply entrenched forces of discrimination.

Meet Lucy
Carmen Dell’Orefice Alessandra Ferri
Photo credit, Fadil Berisha
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Alessandra Ferri



The evergreen Screening Room Series will profile female executives, entrepreneurs, authors, media professionals, artists and others who share personal stories of overcoming fear and triumphing over age, gender and race-related challenges.

The first video presented here features friends, supporters and LUCY management offering a short introduction to LUCY and its Mission. The second video profiles a story of courage and inspiration by LUCY supporter Alessandra Ferri, renowned Prima Ballerina Assoluta.



Podcasts are hosted by Kitty Pilgrim, internationally recognized journalist and produced by Emmy Award winning producer, Catherine Tatge.

Audrey Smaltz

Founder of “Ground Crew” and legendary fashion icon.

Duration: 18:00m

Annette Green

International Fragrance icon, legendary leader of The Fragrance Foundation and Author of Spritzing to Success With the Woman who Brought an Industry to its Senses.

Duration: 18:00m

Judy Woodruff

Former broadcast journalist, anchor and managing editor of the “PBS NewsHour.”

Duration: 18:00m