Partnership Opportunity


LUCY is a new digital media brand that champions and capitalizes on a lucrative global sea change in society:  women over 50 are living, traveling, working, and staying vital longer.  They’re a vibrant, monied, yet undervalued and untapped population that refuses to be counted out.  Unfortunately, this dynamic population remains undermined by ageism, gender bias and racism.  It’s time to shatter these “isms” and start serving — and marketing directly to — this untapped power group!

Product:  LUCY is a breakthrough digital entertainment and information destination for a culturally diverse population of 50+ women eager to explore their goals, ambitions, and dreams — and to surmount the hurdles of ageism, gender bias and racism that so frequently hold them back.  Engaging and upbeat, LUCY’s interactive editorial content inspires and motivates personal achievement, community building, activism and global networking, while allowing for personalized site exploration and experiences.  LUCY’s mission, scope and technological innovation make it unique in the media universe.

Audience:  In the U.S. alone, an estimated 40 million women wield more than $15 trillion in purchasing power. Virtually ignored by marketers, these women are actively rewriting the rules of aging, while at the same time shattering out of date business assumptions, like the notion that older people aren’t receptive to new or different brands (they are).  LUCY has an unmatched, nuanced understanding of this lucrative audience and the technological means to engage it through site content, sponsor messaging and more with accuracy and intimacy. What business wouldn’t want to tap into the world’s most affluent demographic while scoring huge, first-mover advantages on the diversity, equity and inclusion fronts?

Partners:  LUCY’s marketing partners will benefit from a range of content and marketing opportunities with no risk of objectionable adjacencies, and with full access to LUCY’s marketing arsenal. This includes powerful [ReSync] technology for audience feedback conveyed through highly visual reports and—when created—access to LUCY Shares™, the largest and most comprehensive research database on 50+ women worldwide. Highly scalable both geographically and as a product, LUCY will offer additional revenue generation opportunities as it expands into newsletters, a digital magazine, a TV series, international conferences, and so much more.

Co-Developers:  The LUCY team has created a dynamic, multi-channel, sustainable platform with a high-profile talent roster and a unique, scalable content pipeline. We are currently seeking to join forces with a committed co-development partner with the broadcast infrastructure, funding, and passion in this demographic to help us develop and launch this turnkey proposition. LUCY can work with co-developers in a variety of potential partnership or co-ownership models dedicated to shattering ageism, gender bias and racism. Our group’s longstanding reputation for working with marketers, the media, and other business partners has shown how we meet and often exceed brand objectives and revenue goals, while employing the highest production values.

Summary of Partnership Benefits:

  • First mover advantage in the arena of 50+ women for brand awareness and sales.
  • Elevating corporate social responsibility initiatives and public profile by aligning with and championing 50+ women in the fight against ageism, gender bias and racism.
  • Engagement with underserved, tough to reach, but highly valuable constituency.
  • First partnership opportunity in LUCY Shares™, the world’s most in-depth source of insights into 50+ women across cultures and geographies.
  • E-commerce platform for first-time ever targeted access to this lucrative consumer group that is receptive to trying new ideas and switching brands.